Liz Fry Design

About Liz Fry Design

Liz Fry Design is a Hong Kong design company that supports and celebrates the local art community, whilst upholding sustainable principles.
All of our Hong Kong-themed products are created as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible.
Our Products are:
• Hong Kong Themed.
• Sustainably Sourced and Produced.
• Lifestyle Pieces.
Collection Features 4 X unique Liz Fry Design prints
We frequently commission a local artist for 1 ‘feature’ artwork, thus celebrating HK art community and talent, whilst bringing new insights to the brand.


We aim to bring colour and art to people’s lives in a less disposable way.
 We strive to educate on global waste and pollution issues, whilst celebrating Hong Kong culture and local Artists.

Elizabeth Fry

( Founder, Director and Designer )
Pattern designs with sustainable textile materials

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